About Pyrethrum

Discover the power, versatility and growing appeal of a botanical Insecticide.


Pyrethrum and has been used for centuries to control a broad range of insects. Commonly referred to as Py, pyrethrum is a botanical insecticide produced primarily in the flowers of a plant from the chrysanthemum family.


Historically grown in the highlands of East Africa, pyrethrum-producing plants are picked by hand, sun dried and sent to a processing plant for extraction of the active ingredient.


The refining of crude pyrethrum extract is a highly complex process resulting in a very pure and powerful insecticide. Ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, bedbugs and many other pests all are susceptible to the power of Py.





Pyrethrum is non-persistent, decomposing rapidly in the environment. From a toxicological viewpoint, pyrethrum has been extensively studied.


Today, as the demand for “sustainable” products continues to grow, insecticide manufacturers worldwide are embracing botanically-derived Py as an ideal active ingredient.