Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. When should I use an insecticide product?


A. People face a wide range of challenges in their daily lives as a result of insects present in the environment. Parents may be concerned about the risk of their children contracting West Nile Virus or other diseases, for example, from mosquitoes. MGK makes insecticide and insect repellent products that give people solutions to problems posed by insect-borne disease, insect infestations and insect related property damage. We believe that people should have the option to use appropriate tools to protect against these threats. Insecticides are toxic to insects and all pesticides must be used responsibly and in accordance with the EPA approved label directions. The choice of when to use an insecticide is based upon personal tolerance for disease potential or property and plant damage.



Q. Are pesticides safe?


A. When used according to label directions, MGK products provide an effective insect control solution without an undue risk of harm to the user or the environment. Because pesticides are designed to be toxic to the target pest, they must be used carefully and in accordance with the EPA approved label. MGK uses thoroughly tested, EPA-registered active ingredients in our insect control products. All active ingredients have been subjected to an extensive battery of safety tests as outlined in data requirements published by the EPA. Additionally, finished products, containing the registered active ingredient and other components in the product (the inert ingredients) are tested to determine the toxicity of the finished product. EPA registration of active ingredients and finished products is not an endorsement by the government. In accordance with EPA regulations, no pesticide can be called “safe” because its use involves a balance of risks and benefits.



Q. What should I do if I have a problem with an MGK product?


A. Call MGK’s customer service department at 800-645-6466. If you use an MGK product and experience an adverse reaction, call Safety Call at 888-740-8712. Please have the product name and product registration number available when you call.



Q. Why is it important to read the pesticide label?


A. Since products are designed for specific applications, it is important to read the label so that you know whether the product has been designed for the intended use. For example, some pet care products may be applied directly to the pet. Other pet care products may be used on carpet or other areas of the home where the pet lives and are not to be applied directly to the pet. It is important to read and follow the label directions so that you use the right product in the correct way.


The sale and use of insecticides and insect repellents are regulated under federal and state laws. The label is the means by which the government controls how insecticides and insect repellents are used. Pesticide laws prohibit use of these products contrary to label instructions. So, another very good reason to read the label is to comply with the law.



Q. May anyone use the products listed on this website?


A. Most of the products listed on this website were designed to be manufactured by marketers or other professionals who are approved to manufacture pesticide products. Many of the products manufactured by MGK are for “Manufacturing Use Only” and are not designed or labeled for use by consumers. Products with end-use directions are for general use by the public or professional use. Please do not hesitate to contact MGK for specific information regarding any of our listed products.