At the end of a long day many people are ready to pack their equipment away and head home to relax. Remembering a few simple maintenance practices before you lock your truck can help save time and headaches in the future. Actisol’s compact units are a great addition to any tool kit and with a little maintenance they will faithfully serve for years and years. These compact units are very versatile and can utilize either water-based or oil-based products. If using a single unit and changing from oil to water it is important to first clean the tank. Failure to remove old product will cause clumping and clog your machine. First backflush product from the wand and hose using directions below. Use rubbing alcohol as a solvent for the remaining residue in the tank. Empty the alcohol/oil mixture (NEVER turn the unit on and allow alcohol into the line, it will damage o-rings and the tubing) and allow the remaining alcohol to evaporate to prepare your Actisol unit for water-based products.

Avoid overfilling your tank. The tank has a maximum capacity of 28 ounces but should never be filled with more than 24 ounces. The reservoir is pressurized through a small tube located on the neck of the tank. If the unit is turned off with chemical above the air line, there is a risk of the pressurized tank forcing product into this line. If chemical is pushed all the way into the compressor, the pump diaphragm will swell and the unit will need to be returned to Actisol for service.

Backflush Directions: Turn the pressure valve to zero, release the pressure from the reservoir and remove the lid. Turn the unit on and place your finger over the tip of the wand so you block air from escaping. Depress the wand handle and you will force air back through the wand and tubing, pushing any remaining product back into the tank. The unit can then be emptied and is ready for another job or storage. You can also watch our video here.

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