For fast, consistent knockdown and kill of a wide variety of greenhouse, nursery and garden insects, MGK’s PyGanic delivers rapid results. PyGanic is organically compliant and made with Pyrethrum, a botanical insecticide, that kills more than 200 insects such as aphids, thrips, stink bugs and leafrollers, as well as livestock pests such as stable flies, ticks and fleas. PyGanic can be used right up until harvest (no pre-harvest interval) and can be used frequently throughout the growing season.


PyGanic is the right choice for professional growers and gardeners applying insect control products who want an effective solution for knockdown and kill of crop-damaging insects.


PyGanic is available in two different formulations, one designed for the residential gardener and the other for the professional greenhouse / nursery customer:

PyGanic® Gardening

PyGanicGardening 1 Gallon A
1.4% pyrethrins. Perfect for consumer usage in home gardens on fruits, vegetables, herbs and ornamental plants. 8 oz. bottle covers up to 8,000 square feet.

PyGanic® Specialty

PyGanic Specialty A
5.0% pyrethrins. More concentrated formulation perfect for commercial use by greenhouse, nursery and livestock/poultry customers. Can be applied on greenhouse plants and crops intended for sale.