Offer extra services: In the daily struggle to complete a pest control route, it is easy to overlook add-on and value-added services. Not only do these services boost the value of a route but can improve customer happiness and increase retention rates. The first step in the process is to remain vigilant. You can’t offer a solution to a problem you never identify. Something as simple as recognizing a customer has a backyard set up for entertainment or an abundance of children’s toys and playsets can be an indicator to offer a mosquito control program. No one wants to swat mosquitoes while grilling.

Offer a tiered service: When developing service plans and protocols creating tiered services or premium options for customers allows them to choose their level of service. An example could be offering a base level flea treatment program and a gold or top tier program. The premium option could include the added benefit of providing odor neutralization as well as controlling fleas. By simply switching your treatment to NyGuard Plus you can achieve knockdown, residual and odor control without increasing the time to complete the service.


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