Best Practices When Using Pyrethrum Products

Best Practices when using Pyrethrum Products in Misting Systems

Test for Proper PH Balance

Test your water to ensure the pH of the misting solution is in the 5.5 to 7.0 range. If the solution is outside that pH range, pyrethrum will degrade, and performance will be reduced.


Avoid sun and heat

Place the misting system holding tank out of direct sunlight. Pyrethrum degrades at high temperatures. Cover the tank with a light-colored or reflective cover to minimize solar heating of the solution.


Keep things clean

Be sure to clean the tank between refills, or use an anti-microbial to prevent the development of bacteria or other natural organisms that will break down the pyrethrum. Do not use compounds which could alter the solution pH out of the 5.5 to 7.0 range. If buildup is observed in the tank, empty it completely and be sure to clean it thoroughly before refilling.


Monitor misting system output

Check and clean misting system nozzles and filters to be sure you are getting the particle size and distribution necessary to achieve good coverage.


Apply during active periods

Set the system timer to treat when target insects are most active, such as dawn and dusk.


Display proper labels

Make sure that a waterproof envelope with the product label is securely attached to the outside of the residential misting tank.


Follow guidelines

Always follow system manufacturer’s recommendations regarding set up and maintenance. Follow insecticide product label and all Federal, State and Local regulations relating to installation and use of misting systems and the insect control products used with them.


Always read and follow label and MSDS directions.