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Mosquitoes are truly amazing creatures, which is why MGK offers some pretty amazing chemistry to keep them under control, including such well-known brands as Sector® Misting Concentrate, Riptide® Waterbased Pyrethrin ULV and VamPyre® Misting Concentrate. Yet MGK is more than simply a leading supplier of mosquito control products. In fact, we’re much more!


Throughout our history, MGK has been committed to offering insect control solutions for advanced pest control that minimize environmental impact while meeting control requirements. This long tradition of stability and continuity is a major reason why MGK has earned the respect of both the business and scientific communities, including thousands of pest management professionals (PMPs) throughout North America and the world.


In that spirit, we are dedicated to providing resources and information that we think will be a value to mosquito control and business professionals. We hope you find the downloads a valuable resource for your business.


In the download box to the right, the following PDFs are available as a resource to mosquito control and business professionals: