International Custom Product Development

MGK® has an extensive network of offices, distributors, and international contacts.  These contacts have led to a global network significant not only to MGK, but also to our customers.  For example:


Market Knowledge

Product Development

Product Registration


MGK® is a manufacturer and formulator of specialty chemicals with its core business in the manufacture, formulation, and packaging of high value insecticide products.


Our facility is designed and operated to provide a versatile manufacturing

environment capable of providing a variety of products. With stainless steel mixing vessels ranging in size from 18 gallons to 7500 gallons, we are prepared to formulate and package product in units as small as 4oz and as large as a tank truck. Our

manufacturing philosophy emphasizes quality and customer service with rapid order turnaround.


For more information on products available in your specific country, please contact our corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


How To Buy MGK Products

For more information on purchasing MGK Products for use outside of the USA contact our corporate headquarters and ask for international sales.




Phone: 763-544-0341