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Sumitomo Chemical Australia Pty Ltd (SCAL) and its predecessor have been supplying Australia, New Zealand and more recently South East Asia with quality products for over 10 years.  SCAL continues to offer innovative solutions to their customer’s with the ability to draw on global sources for a wide range of products and services making SCAL a market leader.  We have the capability to draw on many years of experience and knowledge enabling SCAL to continue assisting in the growth of the Asia-Pacific region.  Please contact the SCAL office for more information on MGK products available in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.


Vector Control:


Pyrocide Mosquito Adulticide ULV Concentrate

Pyrocide Mosquito Adulticide ULV Extra Strength Concentrate

Twilight ULV Mosquito Adulticide Concentrate


Organic Crop Protection:


PyGanic Organic Insecticide:   For control of insect pests in the production of organic crops.


Professional Pest Management:


In recent years SCAL has diversified into Professional Pest Management products which have proved to be highly successful in the USA market.  At this stage, SCAL is in the process of registering products with the APVMA.  Two products expected to receive APVMA approval in 2010 are Bedlam® and PyGanic® Dust.

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Lachlan Brodie

Sales Manager – MGK Products

Sumitomo Chemical Australia Pty Ltd

Ph: 02 8752 9009