Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I buy MGK Professional Pest Control Products?


MGK sells directly to select distributors who specialize in selling pest control products. For a list of distributors who sell MGK products, click here.

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For a list of online retailers who sell MGK brands click here.




I am a homeowner or consumer and want to buy MGK products for my use.


MGK Professional Pest Control Products are sold through distribution and we do not sell directly to homeowners or consumers.   If you are interested in retail purchase of MGK Professional Pest Control products, click here.




What are the prices of MGK products?


Prices of MGK products are established by each distributor.  Contact your local distributor for pricing information.


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I need help determining which MGK product to use for my situation.


Visit the Product Quick Guide to help determine the product selection for your situation.




I have a question regarding a label or specific use of a product.


Specimen labels including directions for use can be downloaded off each product page of this website.


It is a violation of Federal Law to use any MGK product in a manner inconsistent with its specific labeling.


If you still have questions, Contact-Us.


MGK Sales Representatives are also a resource product information.  Find My MGK Sales Rep




My home was treated with an MGK product and I have a question.


If you are a consumer or homeowner and have a question regarding any MGK Professional Pest Product, please Contact-Us.




What can be used in Food Handling Establishments?


Visit the “Food Handling” section of our website for information on products labeled for use in Food Handling establishments.




How do I get rid of bed bugs?

Bed bugs are a difficult pest to get under control. It often takes years of experience to learn how to effectively control bed bug populations. We therefore recommend you contact a professional pest control company in your area. They have the expertise and resources needed to address bed bug infestations.




Do your products kill bed bug eggs?

Bedlam Aerosol Insecticide and Bedlam Plus Aerosol Insecticide both kill bed bugs and their eggs.




How did bed bugs get into my home?

Bed bugs are “hitch hikers” traveling from one location to another on people or the things they carry. Bed bugs travel in the seams of luggage, in folded clothes, bedding, furniture and any other object in which they can hide.




Does everyone bitten by a bed bug have bite marks?

Reactions vary from person to person. Some people may have no visible signs of a bed bug bite and may not experience any reaction at all. For more information on bed bug bites, please visit the CDC website.




Can I become a distributor or buy products directly from MGK?

MGK does not sell directly to PMPs or consumers. We sell directly to select distributors and there are no plans to add distribution at this time.

For a list of distributors who sell MGK products, click here.

Find an MGK Distributor

For a list of online retailers who sell MGK brands click here.





What are the effects of MGK products?

Pesticides are designed to be toxic to target organisms such as ants, roaches, spiders, flies and mosquitoes. All MGK products undergo rigorous and extensive studies to determine their level of toxicity to mammals, and their effect on the environment. The EPA approves pesticides for use only if it determines that the pesticide will not cause unreasonable adverse effects to the environment, including people.

For questions or concerns about specific health issues of humans or pets or potential adverse effects from actives or inert ingredients please read the label and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). If you used one of our products and are concerned that it may have harmed you, another person or a pet, call Safety Call at 1-888-740-8712. This is a free call. If you believe a person or pet has been harmed by exposure to a pesticide contact your physician or veterinarian and get appropriate treatment. Bring the product or a copy of the label with you for reference. The physician or veterinarian may also call Safety Call for information on the product.




Do I need to wear protective equipment when using your products?

Check with the SDS before you apply the product to determine what, if any, protective items are needed for the specific product you plan to use. The section titled PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT will indicate what, if any equipment, clothing or footwear is necessary to protect eyes and face, skin, and the respiratory system.




Where can I find the SDS and label for your products?

Click here for a list for MGK Professional Branded products.




How do I determine how much product to apply?

Label instructions for each product indicate how much product you should use for particular use sites and conditions. Follow label instructions carefully. Click here for a list for MGK Professional Branded products and their labels.




Can you recommend a professional pest control operator (PCO)?

The National Pest Management Association provides helpful tips for selecting a PCO that will meet your particular needs. Click here for their tips.




Will our products stain my furniture or carpet?

Many MGK professional products are water-based and are not expected to stain water-safe fabrics. Look at the label and determine if the product is water based. Then, we strongly encourage you to test furniture or fabrics in an inconspicuous area to ensure there is no staining.




Do your inerts contain leavening?





How long does it take for your product to dry?

There is no set time for which a product will dry. It could take minutes or hours. How fast a product will dry will depend on the environmental conditions of the structure such as heat, cold or humidity as well as airflow throughout the structure. To ensure that a product is dry, take a paper towel and apply it to the treated surface. If the towel is dry the surface is dry.