Perimeter Invading Pests

No matter how big the challenge, MGK has the perimeter invading pest control products you need.


Onslaught Microencapsulated Insecticide – Uses controlled release technology to provide longer lasting residual control.


Onslaught FastCap Microencapsulated Insecticide – Spider and scorpion insecticide that combines fast-acting and controlled release technology that kills tough pests like spiders and scorpions fast, while providing residual control that keeps on killing.


NyGuard Insect Growth Regulator – Effectively breaks the reproductive cycle of the toughest insects including fleas and ticks. NyGuard is labeled for Food and Non-food areas as well as outdoor perimeter treatments.


Exponent Synergist – Increases insect susceptibility to insecticides and is a cost-effective alternative to other synergists used with pyrethrum and pyrethroids.


EverGreen Pyrethrum Dust – A botanical insecticide dust containing pyrethrum, a botanical insecticide derived from the chrysanthemum flower.


EverGreen Pro 60-6 – A multi-purpose, synergized pyrethrins solution that excites pests out of hiding while delivering fast, effective knockdown and kill.


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About Pyrethrum


Learn more about why this botanical insecticide is the choice of many pest control professionals.